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Low Point Cucumber and Yogurt Soup – Fired or Iced

I know, sounds kinda weird, making a cucumber soup in the dead of winter, but hey! I live in Florida and right now it’s about 72 degrees, so this is a good dish for my Weight Watchers tracker.  This soup … Continue reading

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Sunday Dinner – Eggplant Parm

As Thanksgiving approaches, I have so much to be grateful for.  Especially my loving family.  Today I made Eggplant Parm for them, a beautiful Sunday Dinner to celebrate our life together.  There’s nothing quite like cooking for your family after … Continue reading

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Crazy-Busy Social Director

Where have I been? Well it’s the start of “season” in South Florida and that means my job takes over my life. I work for an over (active) 55 country club community and this is the time when the Snowbirds … Continue reading

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A little Chicken Piccata

Tuesday Night…tired after a long day at the clubhouse.  What’s for dinner Mom?   Tonight everyone is home for dinner so I guess I’m cooking for my family.  Chicken is a good choice for a Tuesday night, and who doesn’t love … Continue reading

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End of Summer (start of diet) Veggie Soup

This is a nice soup, the one I always make when I’m ready to start Weight Watchers. It’s amazingly versatile, usually based on whatever leftover veggies I have in my fridge to use up on a Saturday before I visit … Continue reading

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My Mama’s Makin’ Chili

Laying on the examining table of my breast surgeon’s office. a suggestion was made to me to finally “fix things up”. I’m a 4 year breast cancer survivor, and after my initial 2 surgeries, I decided to wait to do … Continue reading

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Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Potatoes

My Dad loved to cook. One of his favorite things to do was to cook a delicious meal for family and friends to enjoy. He had a wonderful palate, and could meld flavors together into scrumptious tasty concoctions that we … Continue reading

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Friday night dinner and calming of the nerves

Today I had a pre-opt appointment at my plastic surgeon‘s office.  I am a breast cancer survivor and going on 4 years, so I finally made the decision to have some reconstructive surgery to even things out.  I’m a little … Continue reading

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My Pasta Collection

I love Pasta.  I love how it looks, I love how it tastes and I love to cook it.  In my pantry, I have a nice collection on hand to suit any macaroni project I may desire to present for … Continue reading

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Grilled Cabbage on the BBQ…not for the faint hearted!

From May to November, living in the tropics of Florida is hot, I mean REALLY hot…90+ weather for 6 months straight. Then, come November, exactly opposite from the rest of the US, the weather changes. It is known here in … Continue reading

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