My Pasta Collection

I love Pasta.  I love how it looks, I love how it tastes and I love to cook it.  In my pantry, I have a nice collection on hand to suit any macaroni project I may desire to present for dinner.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here's a look in my pantry to start

First up, Mini Farfalle. These go with just about any kind of sauce, but I use these mini ones mostly for soups.

Here's a closer look. Right now, I'm making a tomato vegetable soup and these are one of the stars.

Next, good old Elbow Macaroni.

Can you say "Homemade mac & cheese"?

Mezze Maniche Rigati

I just call them by their pet name..."Fat Ziti". I like to use them with chunkier sauces with meat or seafood.

The name says it all...mostly I use spaghetti & angel hair with a light marinara or Olive oiil and garlic.

Next up, another one of my babies- Mini Rotelle Wheels

These babies are also good in soup and with Olive oil and garlic.Of course, I have some whole wheat pasta as well.

Presenting....Mostaccioli Rigati (whole wheat). The name alone makes you forget it's good for you.

Here's another whole wheat pasta.

No Italian kitchen is complete without curly Fusilli.

Of course, I do keep the basics on hand at all times.

One of my all time favorites.

...and a little bit of a gourmet touch.

Well, got to go- my soup is ready! Piping hot tomato & vegetable soup with turkey bacon & mini farfalle...pass the parm!.

If you want the soup recipe, just ask!

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