Grilled Cabbage on the BBQ…not for the faint hearted!

From May to November, living in the tropics of Florida is hot, I mean REALLY hot…90+ weather for 6 months straight. Then, come November, exactly opposite from the rest of the US, the weather changes. It is known here in South Florida as “the good weather” or “Season” because of the multitudes of “Snowbirds” (people who fly South for the Winter) clogging our streets, malls and restaurants.
Tonight we are dining outside on the lanai, taking advantage of the 70 degree evening. Grilled cabbage is wonderful- even though my husband would never touch it- and this is the recipe as told to me by a friendly guy in line behind me at my favorite farmers market, Bedners.

1 small head of cabbage
1/4 stick butter
salt and pepper
Cut out the core of the cabbage, keeping it intact. Push the 1/4 stick of butter in the cavity left by the core, add salt and pepper all over, wrap in foil and grill for about 25 minutes over moderately high heat. Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!

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