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Herb Gardens

I am planning my herb garden.  Last year I was quite successful and I can’t wait to get it going again.  The first thing I have planned is to attend our local Asheville Herb Festival at the end of the … Continue reading

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Gearing up for Garage Spring Cleaning

I have a garage full of wonderful things.  I have pitchers, china, household goods, kitchen gadgets and more.  When we moved here from Florida, my husband got here first and lived here for 6 months before I was able to … Continue reading

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Fresh Farm Food Love

Today I needed eggs, and being back in Asheville I knew I could just drive a mile or 2 and end up at my favorite little shack/farm stand to get what I needed.  There’s just nothing like fresh eggs- not … Continue reading

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In search of ENERGY

Today I need energy to tackle cleaning the house.  As previously mentioned, I’ve been away for 3 months working and my poor abandoned husband has been holding down the fort in my absence. Granted, the mess is minimal and things … Continue reading

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Destination Asheville

I’ve been traveling the past few days getting back home to Asheville from West Palm, so I’m playing catch up with the A to Z challenge this morning!  I left an 80 degree day in Florida on Monday afternoon to … Continue reading

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C is for Cross Stitch

Cross Stitching is an old-fashioned hobby for sure, but I love it.  When I lived in Connecticut, I spent many a fall and winter evening stitching up a storm- cute country themes, kitchen wall hangings, dish towels….everything.  I don’t know … Continue reading

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Being “Stephanna”

Last night was the final gathering of our Comedia Del’Arte troupe for the season and it was amazing! After much mead and merriment, we set about to do a read thru of next year’s performance for the Florida Renaissance Festival.  … Continue reading

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And…I’m giving this A to Z Challenge a try

 Looking back it’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, so I decided to give this A to Z Blog Challenge a try.  I’m in Florida right now, typing on my laptop on my makeshift card table … Continue reading

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Remembering Cold

I’ve been living in South Florida for the past 13 years.  Before then, I lived in the land of cold winters, vivid falls, late springs and hot summers- Connecticut. When September rolls around, I always feel the stirrings of anticipation…anticipation … Continue reading

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Soup for a Saturday Supper

Even though it’s still quite warm here in Florida, Autumn still brings out the yearning for a cozy meal.  Join me won’t you in a pot of Chicken Soup?  I’m going away in a week, so it’s time to use … Continue reading

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