Herb Gardens

HI am planning my herb garden.  Last year I was quite successful and I can’t wait to get it going again.  The first thing I have planned is to attend our local Asheville Herb Festival at the end of the month.  This is a wonderful place to buy any and every herb out there- culinary, medicinal you name it.  The first time I attended last spring, I could hardly breathe with all the wonderful things I saw- I wanted everything.  Of course, I only have an apartment balcony but it works nicely and my herbs were happy growing there last year.  They lasted well into November and all my cooking included fresh herbs from my little garden.  Here’s a picture of my little balcony garden:


This year I plan to add more variety to the garden, now that I know they will happily thrive out there.  So far, I want to plant Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, oregano and chives.  These are the herbs I cook with most, and I look forward to going out there with my scissors to snip what I need.  I will also have a tomato plant, since I had lots of luck with that as well.

The Asheville Herb Festival takes place at the end of April, so I have a couple of weeks to wait until I can get the garden started.  If you are ever in the area during the time of the festival, don’t miss this awesome event!

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