And…I’m giving this A to Z Challenge a try

 ALooking back it’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, so I decided to give this A to Z Blog Challenge a try.  I’m in Florida right now, typing on my laptop on my makeshift card table “desk” at my Mother’s house.  I’ve been here about 12 weeks, working on the weekends at the Florida Renaissance Festival as an actress in the Shakespeare/Comedia Del’arte troupe.

I moved from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina last year.  My husband and I were brave enough to take a chance on a big change- moving from our 15 year residency in FL, back to change of seasons and beautiful mountain landscapes.  Before Florida I lived in New England for 40+ years, so living in North Carolina is like returning to a missed memory of Fall leaves, Spring flowers and pretty Winter snowfall (but not too much snowfall, thank goodness!).

I have 3 more days here in the tropics, and very soon I will be packing everything up and reuniting with my husband.  I miss my family here already, but they will be visiting when they can.

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