In search of ENERGY

EToday I need energy to tackle cleaning the house.  As previously mentioned, I’ve been away for 3 months working and my poor abandoned husband has been holding down the fort in my absence.

Granted, the mess is minimal and things are in their place with only a few pieces of mail scattered about. BUT there’s at least a half inch of dust on every piece of furniture and the carpet is covered in cat hair.  I’m not even going to try to describe the condition of the toilet bowls and counters in the kitchen.

So…ready, set, GO!  Well…here I sit typing this blog trying to muster up the energy to START…all the while trying to motivate myself to go into the closet and get the necessary tools I need to BEGIN…OK here I go…wish me luck and ENERGY!

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2 Responses to In search of ENERGY

  1. I.L. Wolf says:

    I wrote about energy today too! One of the best ways I have to get myself going on a task like cleaning is by telling myself I can either clean or do something I want to do even less. Either way, something gets done 🙂

    A Bit to Read

  2. brucenconnie says:

    I really don’t have anything to say but I am so sorry that Mark had two broken arms and couldn’t do anything in the house. (Just kidding Mark.)

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