Fresh Farm Food Love

FToday I needed eggs, and being back in Asheville I knew I could just drive a mile or 2 and end up at my favorite little shack/farm stand to get what I needed.  There’s just nothing like fresh eggs- not even the most expensive, organic, cage-free, grass-fed supermarket eggs could ever hope to compete with the little farm that sells me fresh-from-the-chicken eggs.  Their beautiful orange-gold-yellow yolks taste so fresh and wonderful that I am spoiled for any other.

This weekend my downtown farmer’s market is open for business and I’m ready to fill my kitchen with gorgeous spring vegetables- peas, ramps, radishes, lettuces…oh my! Real, unprocessed fresh food makes me happy.  I’m eagerly perusing my cookbooks in search of the perfect recipe to complement my planned bounty.

IMG_1246I can’t wait.

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4 Responses to Fresh Farm Food Love

  1. annagobanna says:

    I go one better we have our own hens in the backyard! Those beautiful yellow yolks and the eggs are enormous.

  2. brucenconnie says:

    I am ready to go with you when I get there.

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