Remembering Cold

FB-Fall-JG-RecoveredI’ve been living in South Florida for the past 13 years.  Before then, I lived in the land of cold winters, vivid falls, late springs and hot summers- Connecticut. When September rolls around, I always feel the stirrings of anticipation…anticipation for a change of seasons, namely FALL.  Off course, Fall never comes to the tropics.  No colors falling and the crunch of dried leaves underfoot, no wood-smoke scented air, no blazing yellowish-orange bursts of cozy colors surrounding you- nothing.  Of course, Florida is beautiful and breathtaking it it’s own way, but my New England roots are yearning for cozy fires and the sipping of hot mulled cider.

Most people think Florida is one big, long never-ending summer, but those of us who live here year-round know it isn’t true.  We do have subtle seasons, and occasionally a few cold blasts in the 50’s and 60’s.  Our “seasons” are exactly opposite of New England. The “good weather” starts in November and lasts about 6 months, until April.  November is also the start of the growing/gardening season. So strange to me, an avid gardener in Connecticut. Summer means it’s too hot for anything to grow but tropical flowers and plants.  Even the basil and tomatoes die from the heat.

Recently, my sister and I took a trek up to North Carolina.  We visited Asheville, with it’s very cool downtown and craft beer creations.  Enjoyed a trip to the Biltmore to admire the rolling hills, beautiful gardens and historical mansion.  But best of all was driving and hiking around the Blue Ridge Mountains, where at high elevations the mountains were kissed with color and so awesome we gasped at every scenic stopping point.

Two cold sisters

Two cold sisters

My sister Jill lives is Florida too, and we both enjoyed the refreshing change in weather, remembering how it was in New England in October.  I recommend this therapy to all Floridians who long for a taste of the cold.  It does a body good.  Happy Autumn!

Fall in Asheville


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2 Responses to Remembering Cold

  1. brucenconnie says:

    Great writing Jacqui. I feel the same way about Fall. You can keep the winter though.

  2. susan says:

    Coming from Orange County, New York, I can understand missing the magnificent colors of this glorious season. Your trip to N. Carolina was a great way to get a taste of the beauty of autumn. You do look as if you were freezing though.
    Have a wonderful week!

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