Game Day Salsa!

This is a non-fat salsa that is ZERO Weight Watchers Points Plus. I’m going to my sisters for Super Bowl Sunday, and we are having a Mexican themed feast. So…here’s my contribution to the festivities!

First, a Weight Watchers friendly staple:

Organic Olive Oil Pam

Get out your grill pan and spray with Pam.  Let the grill pan get really hot.  Meanwhile…

Round up your ingredients: a couple of Jalapeno peppers (one or two depending on how hot you like it) a nice red pepper, 3 garlic cloves, an onion, tomatoes, a lime and a bunch of cilantro.

Do a rough chop to prepare for the grill pan.

First, take the peppers, garlic (in their skins) and onion and grill them until lightly charred.

After the pepper, onion and garlic have a nice char, add the tomatoes and briefly grill them.

Coming along nicely...

Start by slicing open the jalapeno, scrapping out the seeds and membranes with a knife, then adding both the peppers, peeled garlic and onion to the processor and pulse lightly. Next add the tomatoes and pulse once or twice. Pour into a bowl.

Chop up a fresh tomato to add to the processed mixture to bulk up the salsa.Add the chopped cilantro.

Add the juice of one large lime and 2 tsp of salt, stir. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight to let the flavors meld together.

Ready for eating! Get out your tortilla chips and enjoy.

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