Wednesday Musings…

I’m grateful that tonight I have Vocals rehearsal tonight at church. Sometimes my soul needs a little lift to help me get through life. How perfect is it that my rehearsal is on Wednesday, during the middle of a crazy week, to help put things in Godly  perspective…

Having a bit of trouble with the diet this week.  I’m trying to stay positive, but yesterday I ate too many goodies…my body was just CRAVING sugary, chocolaty, carbs and I felt powerless to resist.  The 2 glasses of wine I had at dinner didn’t help either.  I know there will inevitably be bad days along the course of this journey, but what I really want to do is to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again…(to quote Dorothy Fields & Jerome Kern).

So…for lunch, the usual diet TV dinner (in this case, Smart Ones Spinach Fettuccine)  and a Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookie.  Hopefully I won’t get the same horrible cravings tonight.  The good thing is that I will be so very busy these next couple of days, that I won’t have time to indulge my carb cravings, only to come home and go to bed early from my exhaustive activities.  (Board Meetings, vocal rehearsals, shows at the Clubhouse.)

So, that’s it.  Hope your Wednesday (or what’s left of it)  is awesome.

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1 Response to Wednesday Musings…

  1. mcqty says:

    Looks like several fellow dieting bloggers have fallen off track lately, me included. I just don’t know how one (women dieters) survives that dreaded week of every month where I know I crave everything PLUS the kitchen sink !!!

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