When Dinner is Just Salad…

Mark and Lacey are working late tonight so it’s just me and the cat home for dinner tonight. I decided to make a nice, filling low-point salad for dinner, but not just any salad- one that’s interesting so I don’t get bored with my diet. Weight Watchers is a wonderful eating plan, and now that the “honeymoon” of starting a successful diet and losing 10 or so pounds is finished, it’s time to start stepping up my game.

Tonight’s dinner is based on a recipe in the cookbook “My French Kitchen” written  by Joanne Harris (author of Chocolat).

White Bean and Tomato Salad

This makes one filling and healthy serving, 9 Weight Watchers Points Plus

Start with 1 medium potato, 1 beautiful red tomato, a small shallot or other mild onion, 1 lemon (mine is a Myer Lemon which is in season here in Florida), a couple of chopped slices of a hot pepper (either Jalapeno or Chile), 1/2 cup of white Cannelli beans rinsed & drained, a bunch of parsley, Olive Oil, salt & Pepper.

Cut the potato in half and leave the skin on. Bring salted water to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and let potato cook for about 20 minutes.


Add 3 teaspoons of Olive oil to a bowl, add chopped shallot and sliced peppers, then squeeze in the juice of 1 small lemon.

Add some sea salt and ground pepper and mix well with a small whisk.

Add the chopped parsley and a little lemon zest, stir it all up then just let it sit and marinate for a while.

meanwhile take out your boiled potato and cut into soft wedges.  At this point, you can either drop the tomato into the boiling potato water then peel, chop and seed it, or just chop it up, seeds and all.  I opted to take the easy way and just chopped up the tomato.

Toss together the tomato, beans and potato. I also added some left over quartered artichokes I needed to use up.

Pour over the "dressing" (shallot, olive oil, parsley, pepper, lemon mixture) and toss to coat. Taste and adjust seasonings.

Yup, just me and my ipad...and my delicious, filling 9 point dinner salad. The jalapeno gives it just a bit of a kick and the flavors go together in a wonderful way. Bon appetit!

Tomorrow morning’s my weigh in…wish me luck!

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1 Response to When Dinner is Just Salad…

  1. betty says:

    Sounds so good—-often make a lemon based dressing-(w/honey-)
    good luck w/weigh in—Betty

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