Up, Up & Away! The Fifth Dimension

There was lots of excitement at the clubhouse about last Sunday’s show. We welcomed none other than the fabulous duo from The Fifth DimensionMarilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. Married and starring in their own  roadshow, you just know they were wonderful. I remember The Fifth Dimension as a little girl in the 60’s listening to my parents radio to their hits – who can forget Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, Up, Up & Away to name a few!  They were really lovely people as well.  Such fun to sing along with too.

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr

It’s been kind of a crazy non-stop kind of week- no time for cooking or arts & crafts.  I’m hoping to catch up on my homemaking this weekend. Still on the diet too, and doing well.   I’m going to my sister’s for a Super Bowl party, so some cooking is in order.  Still planning it all, but Mom did manage to find a great deal on raw oysters at Joseph’s Italian Market.  We love oysters.  The best we ever had was when we were visiting my cousin Diana on Martha’s Vineyard, and she took a trip to the fishing village of Menemsha (famous for the movie Jaws) and bought a huge bag of clams and oysters.  The clams on the half shell were great, but ohhhhhh the OYSTERS…we still talk about how wonderful they were to this day.  So, we are basically attempting to catch a little of that past magic this weekend.

I’m ready for February- we’re just about half way through “season” here in Florida.  The weather is beautiful!  But the masses are everywhere.  So, it’s a toss up really.  Either it’s hot as hell with no one crowding the streets and restaurants, or it’s beautiful weather and I’m working 95 hour weeks!  Anyway, I’m grateful for the little things…weekend cooking, singing in church choir and spending free time with my family.  That’s my life.

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