The Project Manager

I’m running out of time for my summer projects.

By this time, I meant to have been half-way through a stack of quilt squares, mastered the art of playing all the sharps and flats on my soprano recorder without looking at the charts (sounds odd, I know but this is so I can be proficient when I perform in the Renaissance Faire next winter), designed and finished at least 5 complete websites and last not least, lost at the very minimum- another 10 lbs. Hah!

My status thus far: zero quilt squares, a day or two of recorder practice, maybe 2 websites- one complete and the other a work in progress and finally, no weight loss despite taking dozens of Zumba classes at LA Fitness. Well, that last one is due to the fact that I love to cook and fancy myself somewhat of a gourmet chef. In fact, that’s the only thing I’ve really spent any earnest time on- and that’s why my weight loss is at a standstill. Actually, I can proudly boast that I’ve mastered the art of maintaining my 20 lb. weight loss (even though I thought I was dieting- who knew?).

So, what now? In all truth, I don’t really feel like making quilt squares when it’s 90+ degrees, even though I am so very inspired by the work of others. As far as the recorder goes…well, I do have until January– right? Plenty of time. And I am still plugging away at the website design because I work on it when I’m in class. But what I really need to do and want to do most is to get back on my weight loss plan, and sadly this will mean no more messing around in the kitchen. I want to really concentrate on doing that and encouraging those around me to do the same.

Tomorrow’s another day. Let’s start fresh together, shall we?

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