When the Event Planner’s daughter decided to Elope…

This past year and a half has been quite a challenge for my husband Mark and myself. After 5 years of trying to find decent  employment, my husband had hit rock bottom. So together we made a brave decision to believe we could change our lives by taking a chance and relocating my husband to North Carolina. He had an opportunity to join a very talented and successful team of Realtors in Asheville, keeping his Florida Real Estate license, and adding a North Carolina license so he could work with these amazing people. The only problem being that I would be staying here in Florida to finish school while continuing to work and supporting him until he built a successful future for us.
After going back and forth over many months the decision was made and it was time to take that step into the future. Of course, this also meant it was time for our engaged daughter to find her own home with her fiance.We all moved out and went our separate ways- Mark to Asheville, me to my Mom’s house and my daughter with her fiance.

Except he wasn’t her fiance.

Unbeknownst to me, they had decided several months before at the onset of all this change to make a trip to the court house and elope.  She had finally worked up enough courage to tell me this major event in her life had occurred without us.

Now, what can you say to your daughter when asked why on earth she would do such a thing and she tells you that she didn’t want to live together with her fiance unless she was married.

(Deep Breath) OK. Well shut my mouth.

After thinking long and hard about this…and feeling sorry for myself (and her) because I wouldn’t be able to throw the beautiful wedding I had dreamed of for her… heck not even being present when she said her vows- I realized something.

It wasn’t about me.

This was about their choice and about my daughter who wanted to do the right thing because she was no longer living in our home and had made her promise to God and to the young man she loved.

And I asked myself,  wasn’t this the kind of kid I wanted to raise? One who loved God, one with MORALS?? – Quite an amazing thing in this day and age.

So last weekend we had a beautiful little ceremony, a blessing and renewal of vows at her Grandmother’s home, in front of family and those who love her best.  My husband performed this special ceremony, asking for God to smile upon their life together.

Maybe it wasn’t the big, grand, fancy wedding I had envisioned, but it was beautiful and special.  And I watched my daughter with love, knowing I raised a young woman I can be proud of.

Mom and Bride

Mom and Bride

Making the bouquet

Making the bouquet

Lacey getting ready

Lacey getting ready

lots of cupcakesteacup2

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

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8 Responses to When the Event Planner’s daughter decided to Elope…

  1. sarah says:

    love this blog and all the beautiful pictures… Congratulations to Lacey and her new husband.. You both raised a beautiful, wise and blessed daughter. Of course, you should all be proud. I am. You are a great mom and I love your commitment and devotion you give her, while also allowing her her own sense of independence and direction. Bravo Mom.


    • jacqui722 says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment here- I so appreciate it!

  2. Linda Grimson says:

    Beautiful wedding and precious heart felt blog! May God bless you and Mark on your new chapter… And Lacey Sayegh and David Sayegh as they begin life together!

  3. brucenconnie says:

    Jacqui, This was so beautifully written and I loved it. I know Lacey and David will love it too. Love, Mom

  4. Thank you for sharing Jackie. I’ll always remember Lacey walking out on stage during “She Loves Me” and seeing her grow up at Richter. Blessings to Lacey and her new husband, and to you and Mark.

    • jacqui722 says:

      Thanks Jon! I can’t believe how quickly she grew up- “She Loves Me” feels like it was just yesterday 🙂

  5. Rita Lusk says:

    Jackie, this is such a positive and heartwarming story. I can’t believe Lacey is all grown up. I don’t remember us aging! The pictures tell a story of love and happiness, which is what I wish all of you! Please congratulate Lacey and David. FYI, Asheville is a great place. I wish you and Mark every success.

    • jacqui722 says:

      Thank you Rita! Time does fly, seems like yesterday when we were all doing shows together. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

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