Singing burns calories…who knew?

Yup, I knew singing in a church vocal group was good for my soul, but it’s also earned me a couple of “activity points” on my Weight Watchers plan. I’ll take them. Actually, I’m thinking any kind of activity is good for you and a smart alternative to crashing on the couch after work. I’m vowing to find a little something to keep me moving for a bit when I get home from work, instead of grabbing my laptop and going straight for the chaise lounge. It’s the little things.
I kind of miss cooking and posting recipes, so this weekend I’ll make some wonderful low-fat and healthy food to blog about. Stay tuned…and in tune!

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1 Response to Singing burns calories…who knew?

  1. Jill says:

    I figure singing yesterday was good for a couple of extra points. I can’t wait for some new recipes from you.

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