Just like Julia

JHow many of us love Julia Child?  How many of us have a worn, dog-eared copy of her famous Mastering the Art of French Cooking?  Mine sits on my baker’s rack, ready to spring into action when needed. Lots of bookmarks and always in sight, an old friend and history of my gourmet attempts- some successful, some not so.  julia book

The book is very worn, though the cover is still intact, but just barely.  Given to me by my parents as a long ago Christmas present, they had written on the inside cover “To the second generation gourmet cook of the Hanson family, Love Mom and Dad”.  Very special and precious and I will save the copy for my newly married daughter, who is just now starting to show an interest in my recipes and cooking.

julia inside coverMany memories are attached to this cookbook.  My father always made her “Pommes de Terre” at every family holiday gathering, and my mother was and still is an expert at making her “Crepes”.  As for me, I have made dozens of meals from this cookbook and learned a great deal about the basis of French cooking.

Since that time, I have added many more French cookbooks to my collection, but this will always be my very favorite.

Thank you Julia~ Bon Appétit!12002448_10207251667317194_2688938439305346659_o

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1 Response to Just like Julia

  1. brucenconnie says:

    I remember when we gave you that cookbook. You certainly have lived up to the note we wrote in it. Mine, as you know, is so worn out, I have a rubber band around it to keep it together. However, I would never trade it in for a new copy because of memories of Dad using it all the time.
    Love, Mom

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