Sailing into Marriage- a Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

I work as a Social Director for a country club community in Florida, and one of my jobs is to do event planning for them.  I love doing it, and I had the opportunity to create a special bridal shower r for my sister Jill, who will be marrying her intended, Adam, on April 22nd in a cruise ship wedding.  Befitting of the upcoming event, I did a nautical theme to celebrate with friends and family.  After all these years of creating events for other people, how wonderful that I had the chance to do this for my sister!

Ready to go

I started with a blue and white piece of fabric, ordered online that became the table cloth.  It was a durable canvas material and I plan to finish off the edges to make this a “real” tablecloth.

Lifesaver anyone?

Details, details… next came a basket of cutlery wrapped with a napkin, some twine and a lifesaver candy.

sand and seaglass

My daughter Lacey and niece Noelle helped with the nautical cupcakes.  They were so pretty!  We decided to make edible sea glass to sprinkle on top along with some raw sugar for a “sand” effect.

making "sea glass"

They were vanilla with a touch of orange, and a cream cheese frosting.  More decorations included 3 little  “messages in a bottle”.

These little lighthouses were so pretty!  They held tea lights which gave off a pretty glow when lit.  Just the right touch.  I filled glass vases with seashells I had gathered from Sanibel Island.  For snacking,  I had a couple of bowls of goldfish crackers, and of course the appetizers were shrimp puffs, made by my mother.

This big glass fish bottle was filled with “messages” written out by the guests.  The messages were marital advice for the bride.

Also offered were wrapped Tuna, Egg & Chicken sandwiches with little nautical flags identifying the type of sandwich to choose.

And who could forget the Nautical champagne punch?  Beautiful blue like the sea with frothing water…AND it was delicious!

Seaside Champagne Punch

All in all, a successful bridal shower for my sister Jill.  She loved it!  Happy Wedding Jill!

Bon Voyage! Mark, Lacey & I can’t wait to sail off with you and Adam after the cruise ship wedding.

My happy sister, Jill.

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