Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Diet…

The above are very wise words written as a song title by my very talented friend Brad. He pretty much hit the nail on the head.

You’ve had good times…vacations…hanging around with friends and family…trying a bunch of new recipes from the Food Channel…and then one day you’re getting ready for work and bam! Just like that, your favorite pants don’t fit.
Sure, they were getting a bit tight, easy to ignore. But every time they are taken down from the closet rack and put on they get tighter and tighter, until the one day you pull them on, force the button and take a good, long look at all the fat spilling over everywhere….and you realize- these pants look awful and, and…..I can’t wear them anymore because they DON”T FIT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I love to watch programs about organic food, healthy eating and changing lifestyles. In fact, just yesterday when I was home sick, Oprah had a very inspirational show featuring an audience filled with people who had lost 100 lbs or more. I’m pretty sure it was this program that sort of woke up my brain about taking some action. Because we all know losing weight is a mind-game. You have to be ready. You can’t just do your half-hearted every-Monday-morning start of a diet. You really have to COMMIT. And it has to be a commitment that lasts past your next meal, when you start to feel sorry for yourself because you’re feeling deprived with your meager lunch. (Of course, this is the lunch you packed for yourself at 7:30am when you were motivated and ready to start the diet).
What we forget is that when we make the effort to put some time into it, if we can commit to say- 3 solid days without straying, then we can experience some results. And these results are what keeps us going. Things click and we think, Wow! I can do this- I’m proud of myself- I want to keep going! Such a simple thing…3 lousy days to see some motivating results…just DO IT for God’s sake!
So that’s my Monday morning commitment. I’m going for those 3 days, a different approach from my do-or-die, usual dive into a diet that lasts until lunch time. I’m going for those 3 days and get my life and the “rest of my diet” going. Say a prayer, wish me luck and off I go!

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2 Responses to Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Diet…

  1. Jayne says:

    Good Luck……I’ll be praying for you, and, well if you would just share some of that commitment and luck with me too……………

  2. jacqui722 says:

    I’m with you girl!

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