Road Trip – Palm Coast


Mom & Lorraine Breakfast at the Golden CorralNoelle & LaceyView from our dinner table at the South Beach GrillLacey & Noelle wrote their names in the sandWaiting for dinnerNoelle & Auntie Jacqui

After a long 4 hour drive up the East coast of Florida, we arrived in Palm Coast around 10:30pm. We are staying with dear friends of my Mom, Gene and Lorraine.
Woke up refreshed and ready to do some shopping at the St. Augustine Outlet mall. Mom and I love Cold Water Creek and there were wonderful bargains to be had there. We stopped for breakfast at Golden Corral.  What a place!  Never saw so much food in my life.  It was good to see they have a lot of fruit, so all was not lost…

After Breakfast we headed to the Outlet mall where we visited a wonderful Cold Water Creek outlet store filled with great bargains.  A few more stores and little more shopping and then home.

For dinner we went to a great seafood place right on the beach – gorgeous!  It was called South Beach Grill, even though it wasn’t anywhere near South Beach.

Tomorrow starts the real road trip…

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