Morning Events…CRAZY

Event of this morning: Got up at 6am and started packing so I could be ready for departure at 4pm. I took Mark’s Toyota Hybrid (much better choice for a Road Trip for gas mileage) to work and he took my white Sebring convertible. Shortly after I arrived at work, I get a frantic call from Mark. “I just got in a car accident! Your car is totaled! I’m going to the hospital because I have chest pains from the air bags deploying!”
OMG. This is the day I’m leaving for a 3 week road trip…anyway, Mark is OK and plans have not changed. Except I’m going to need a new car when I get home. Luckily it was the other driver’s fault- he pulled out in front of him. Poor Mark, he’s shaken up and they are giving him an MRI just to be sure he’s OK. Poor Honey!

So now I’m staring at the clock…waiting to hear – well something about when Mark will be released. Jill and Adam are going to pick him up from the hospital if he gets released after we leave. CRAZY.

Saying a little prayer right now that Mark is totally OK. Stay posted for the next update.

Packing at 6am

Countdown on my computer at work


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