Baking bread and other cozy things

Following along on my quest for organic healthy eating, I am now baking my own bread. What a difference! I don’t have a bread machine, but really- it’s a relatively simple thing to do if you have a nice basic recipe. The first whole wheat bread I made was quite dense- I used whole wheat flour only for the bread and even though it was delicious, it was sooooooo filling!  Even so, after the first loaf I was hooked.  I ordered a bread making book from Amazon and am at this moment waiting for it to come so I can try some new things.  I really like the artisan-type breads they have at Costco, and if I could make my own taste like that AND make it organic it would really be a wonderful thing.

I did surf around a bit and found a really good, basic recipe and tried it out tonight after work. It called for a combination of whole wheat flour and unbleached bread flour, making it a lighter bread than the one I made before. I used organic flours, honey and eggs. REALLY GOOD. Here’s the link to the recipe
I suggest cutting the recipe in half… the original makes 2-3 loaves. I halved it to make one rather nice, large loaf.

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