Jumping into organic with both feet

After watching the movie “Food Inc” it changed the way I think about food. As a breast cancer survivor, I always wondered the proverbial “Was it something I ate?”. After seeing the movie, the answer is undeniably yes. And so the rest of my life begins. Organic is safest way to survive on this planet. My husband and I both are ready to give up the antibiotics, the hormones and the pesticides, to launch into a whole new world of healthy and clean-eating foods. I vow to pass this on to my daughter so that she might be spared from the horrors of cancer and chemo.
It really is a life-changing decision, and I know it won’t be easy. But maybe, just maybe I will actually be able to stick to this way of life. And, thankfully, if I ever waiver, all I have to do is watch the movie again to set me on the right track.

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2 Responses to Jumping into organic with both feet

  1. Theresa says:

    I just came across your blog this afternoon while googling tabouli – AND I just watched Food Inc. this week too!

    We are already making some strides in better eating but this really opened our eyes so much more. We are able to buy organic grass fed meat from our dairy where we also purchase our raw milk. I thought you might like to visit a few of these blogs as I get lots of good info. from them and they might be a help to you too.




    Two books that I’ve found helpful to read are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Falon and Real Food by Nina Planck.

    Also, wonderful resource that I came across this last year was a two cd set by Holly Wagner, she and her husband pastor a church in CA. She is also a breast cancer survivor. For $10.00 I ordered the cd set and she goes through a TON OF GREAT tips on how to change your lifestyle. She also recommends The Maker’s Diet.

    You can find her cd set by clicking the link below.


    Best of luck to you on your journey to better health.

    • jacqui722 says:

      Thanks Theresa, sorry I replied so late but I’m not as diligent as I’d like to be with my blog. I will check out your recommendations! I’m happy to report that I’ve cleaned out my pantry, discovered a local organic farmer’s market in my area (much cheaper than Whole Foods) and am doing well with my decision to change the foods I buy and eat. My husband and daughter have jumped on board and we’re fighting the good fight!

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