Start of a New Season

Here in Florida we have 2 times of the year:  “Season” and “Off-season”.  Anyone who lives in a tourist-type area knows what I mean.  “Season” is when it’s starting to get cold and then colder everywhere else, and “Off-season” is when it’s too hot to go outside except if you’re at the beach.  Basically, here in South Florida, it’s beautiful from November to May, and hot as hell from June to October.  Exactly the opposite from almost everywhere else in the US.

Right now, we are approaching the beginning of September so we are on the doorstep of “Season”.   Sure enough, the traffic’s starting to creep up and the restaurants are beginning to be a bit  harder to get into.  The beaches are crowded and the mall is starting to be filled with people.  It’s all bittersweet because although there will be so many more people to deal with, the weather will soon start to be absolutely beautiful. Almost time to get out our hoodies for those cold 60 degree nights.  I can’t wait!

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