Trying New Things

My new kitchen Inspiration

My new kitchen Inspiration

In the kitchen, that is. I have a glorious new flame-colored Le Creuset braiser and it has inspired me.

This month I have made a couple of dishes I’ve read about but never really ate or tried.  One was Risotto- a basic Parmesan version I found on the food network site.  After watching Hell’s Kitchen for years, I have always had a hankering to try to make this dish that gives the contestants so much grief.  Plus, if I’m ever on that show, I’ll be ahead of the game, right?  Report from the food critics:  Both Mark & Lacey loved it.  Yay me.

The next new thing I made was Chicken Carbonara.  Now, I’ve never eaten this except for a horrible, tasteless version that Lean Cuisine or Weightwatchers puts out.  In making this I’ve discovered that 1) this is a very dangerous, fattening dish and 2) I like it far too much and will save it for future celebratory gatherings with family.  Report from the food critics:  “Make this again…soon!”

The 3rd thing I made was French Onion Soup derived from a recipe I found on the internet that is supposedly the one they use at the restaurant in France at Epcot.  I have had that soup there and it is devine.  I dreamt of it for weeks afterwards.  So, I tried the recipe I found to see if I felt the same about it.  Have to say, although not the same as the chef’s, it was pretty damn good.  Report from the critics:  Mark declared it the best French Onion Soup he ever had and Lacey being a texture sort of person asked if I could “strain the onions out” for her next time.  Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! Actually I was thinking the same thing if I ever made this for my father.

I’ve now decided to try a couple of new things each month- and to keep experimenting with cooking techniques.  I’ll keep ya posted!

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