That Special Piece of Paper

on the mendWent to the Dr.’s today and got the special paper that says I can go back to work on Wednesday.  What this paper symbolizes is my return to my normal life at last.  No matter how many times I may have complained about my job in the past, it takes something like this to really know that being able to even have a job is indeed a blessing and I am so grateful to be able to get back to life.

I know it won’t be easy.  Even now, I still feel the awful fatigue and I still tire really easily, but I’m ready to dig down and find my spirit and determination to get back to normal as best as I can.  I still have another test ahead of me, as well as getting the drain removed that’s connected to my bial duct, but hopefully these things will happen quickly enough and soon all foreign objects from my surgery will be out of my body.  I have a horrific scar running diagonally across my midsection from my left breast to my right hip….but that’s ok because I gave up showing my stomach years ago.

I’ll just add my scar to my other collection of scars- caesarian, hysterectomy, lumpectomy and now gall bladder removal and stomach repair.  Oh well, only God is perfect.  I don’t mind because these are my war wounds and most importantlly, I’m ALIVE to experience another beautiful day.

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