Playing Piano

PI love to play the piano.  I will be forever grateful to my parents for giving me lessons.  When I was about 9 or 10, my grandfather bought me a Wurlitzer and used to drive me to my piano lessons in Portchester, NY.  My teacher was my grandfather’s cousin, who was a graduate of Julliard.   Lessons were held the living room of a beautiful, old Tudor-styled house, on a grand piano that took up most of the space.  She was a wonderful teacher, and I studied with her until I was 12.

We moved upstate and I continued with my piano lessons with various teachers until I was in my early 20’s.  I learned to play pretty well.  I will always be forever grateful for those lessons, they taught me to appreciate all kinds of music and to be able to read music and sight sing.  To this day, I can still sit down at the keyboard and play “Fur Elise”.  Not something to take for granted.

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  1. annagobanna says:

    I learnt piano for a lot longer than that and yes I also play Fur Elise or “furry legs” as we used to call it. Very handy skill to have especially when you are a singer. I’m loving my new Chamber Choir.

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