Nature Walk

N While living in Florida, there was plenty of nature to enjoy.  Palm trees, blue skies, ocean, beaches, tropical plants and bugs.  Although this was all around me, I spent most of my time indoors to get away from the heat.  I went from one air-conditioned space to the next, from my car to my home then back to the car to the store and back to my home.  Unless you’re around or in water, it’s just too hot in months between April and November.  We did get relief from the heat, but only during the short “winter” time frame of December through March.  The beauty of nature was all around- but only through the glass of the 2 bat cave

When we moved to the mountains of NC, suddenly I found myself outside all the time.  The beautiful weather, sometimes a bit warm but mostly comfortable, inspired me to spend hours walking.  I admired the spring flowers, the beauty of the rolling grass hills, the farm with cows and donkeys adjacent to our apartments, the wonderful fresh air and breezes.  Connected with nature once again.

A welcome change.

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