Fennel Mushroom Salad…Try it you’ll like it!

Ok, so I get bored with the same old same old. Here’s a tasty little low point salad that’s delicious and flavorful.

Slice a fennel, cutting away the core. Thinly slice a couple of mushrooms. Chop up 1/8 of a cup of Italian flat leaf parsley. Combine in a bowl. Toss with the juice of a small lemon and 3 teaspoons of Olive Oil. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, a grind of the pepper mill and a good shake of paprika. Mix, taste & adjust seasonings.

This healthy salad will only cost you the price of the 3 teaspoons of Olive Oil- 3 points.  TOTALLY worth it!  Be daring…try it!

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