A Slice of Life – 2011

How quickly this year went, sad times, happy times. I’m ready for 2012. Imagine the possibilities…anyway, here’s my small slice of life.


Top of the Ferris Wheel, South FL Fair

Mark snapped this picture just as we reached the top.


A glass of wine and an Anniversary toast to us!

We celebrated our 14th Anniversary at the Okeechobee Steak House.


Robert Klein performing at the Clubhouse

Broadway star Robert Klein performed at the clubhouse.  I was so excited to meet him!  One the nice perks of my job.


Lacey decorating Jill & Adam's Wedding Cake

In April my sister Jill and Adam took their vows in a small ceremony at our home.  They planned a big lavish Cruise Ship wedding for the following April, but for now this cozy ceremony was enough for them.

Mother's Day with my Mom at Brios's


Girl's Road trip

Mom, Lacey Noelle & Moi set out on a road trip up the East Coast from FL to CT.  We stopped at the Amish Country in Lancaster, PA.


Still on the Roadtrip, I met up with dear childhood friends I hadn't seen in 35 years!


Lacey turns 21

Unbelievably, my baby became an adult this year.  Shed a couple of tears over this milestone.


Bruce & Kim got Married

My brother finally got married!


Haunted Halls of Horror

Mark and I participated in the Haunted Halls of Horror to benefit Hugs Not Drugs.  I was a scary fortune teller.


Hogwarts and Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando

November brought a trip to Orlando and a visit to Universal.


Christmas Service at Christ Fellowship, view from the drummer's enclosure on stage. Candle light ceremony aglow.

A Cup of Kindness, dear. Farewell 2011

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2 Responses to A Slice of Life – 2011

  1. Mark Garver says:

    The best part of last year was spending it with you.

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