Soiree at the Wencek’s

I have wonderful, loyal friends in Danbury…did I mention that?  They always make room for me in their lives when I come to visit, and boy do I miss them when I’m not there.  Sweet, dear friends- Helen, Janie, Stacey, Greg, Tommy and Kevin.  If I have any regrets, it’s leaving these people behind.  Whenever I visit, I always get a little teary-eyed…I wish I could keep them all close.  Our kids are all just as close and fast friends, despite the distance.

Greg and Stacey hosted a get together- Mom and I were able to enjoy the company of these great friends.  I miss them.

Tommy, Helen and Greg

Janie and Tommy

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2 Responses to Soiree at the Wencek’s

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  2. Mark Garver says:

    I so wish I could have been there, as I miss them all so much as well even though they were always your friends. They always make me feel so welcome and part of the “family”. You (and me & Lacey too) are so blessed to have such treasured friends, albeit so far away. I would add Brad Blake whom I know you love so much (thank heavens he’s gay), and I remember every day that you are far more than my loving wife, you are also my best friend, and I thank God for you.
    Love you, Mark

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