It’s Been a Long, Long Time

After settling in at our friend’s house, affectionately known as”” The Weeds”, it was time to enjoy our new surroundings for the next week or so.  “The Weeds” are good friends of my Mom and late Dad, and they easily transitioned  into being my friends as well, now that I am an adult.

It was time to put my plans into action and I was looking forward to a very enjoyable adventure.  Thanks to Facebook, I had the amazing luck to get back in touch with childhood friends- friends I had grown up with on Waterbury Avenue in Stamford.  These gals were my dearest friends until I moved away in 8th grade.  Still, so much of my childhood memories include them and I can still remember their birthdays and even their cousins, aunts and uncles.

We messaged each other on Facebook and made plans to meet at a local restaurant.  Now, I hadn’t see these girls in a good 32 years.  Talk about excitement…I brought Lacey along with me and we pulled into the parking lot.  The first people I saw were sisters Sara and Rosie.  After hugs and more hugs, I looked into the faces of these 2 women and instantly saw them as they were back then.  The same dear faces.  Tons of memories came flooding back, and I couldn’t wait to sit down and have a wonderful chat with them.  We entered the restaurant, which had just opened, and took our table the staff had prepared for us.  Shortly after, Cathy and Patricia, also sisters, came in to join us and more hugs and screams erupted.  As it turns out, even though the gals all live in the same state, they hadn’t see one another in quite some time, so we all were grateful for the reunion.

We talked for 3 and a half hours.  The waitress was so sweet, I had told her this was our first reunion in 32 years and no one cared that we had monopolized the table for all those hours.  There was so much to say, so much to catch up on and of course all the laughter as memories were shared around the table.  What a wonderful evening.

They were all Grandmas except me and Rosie (I got a late start with Lacey) and I couldn’t quite believe we were all in our early 50’s.  It seemed like yesterday that we were putting on shows for the local daycare next door to Sara and Rosie, going to summer camp at Courtland Park, singing songs and celebrating each other’s birthdays.  We remembered putting our money together at camp to go across the street to the small Italian deli and buying the very best sub sandwich in the world.  We agreed that we have never eaten a sub as delicious as the ones that came from that deli. We remembered the huge mulberry tree in Sara and Rosie’s back yard, and how we used to eat tons of the mulberries.  I can still remember how sweet and good they were.  We remembered playing in Cathy and Patricia’s house, the beautiful water views behind and how great our childhood together was.

Waterbury Avenue Reunion

Finally, it was getting late and we knew the evening had to end and even though  we didn’t want to say goodbye, it was time to go home.  We took a bunch of pictures, laughing, hugging and most definitely making plans to do this again.  I love those girls- in my mind I see us all as children, happy children who enjoyed a happy childhood together that we will never forget.

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